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Funny Jokes


MBA Student Hugs a Girl

Girl : what is this?
Boy : direct marketing
Girl : slaps a boy
Boy : what is this?
Girl : customer’s feedback.

Boy : Hey baby, I love u..!! Will you marry me?
Girl : What’s ur status??
Boy : I m the owner of my own big village and I have 1 security,own army,gold mine and wine.
Girl : Love you 2 honey. yes Yes
After marriage…
Girl asked the boy where is your village…
And the Boy opens Clash of Clans Game.

Love Is Possible After Friendship
Friendship Is Not Possible After Love
Medicines Work Before Death
Later Nothing Can Be Cured....!!

Doctor : which soap u use?
Santa : Bajrang soap,bajrang paste,Bajrang brush.
Doctor : Bajrang an international company?
Santa : No Bajrang is my Room Partner..

Who said English is easy ???

Fill in the blanks with YES or NO.

1.______I don’t have Brain.…
2.______I don’t have Sense.…
3.______I am Stupid....

Boy : The principal is so dumb!
Girl : Do you know who I am?
Boy : No...
Girl : I am the principal's daughter!
Boy : Do you know who I am?
Girl : No...
Boy : Good! '' walks away ''


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