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👉 Which are Freshly walk Alone, Behind them a Day are Fleet. 👈

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👉 I am not Failed, My Success is Postponed 👍 👈

success inspirational quotes

👉 Work Hard in Silence & let the Success make Noise. 👈

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👉 Many People are Surprised to see me on the Heights, Did not see the Blisters on my Feet. 👈

short motivational quotes

👉 The Story is Written in Smaller Characters, Our History will be Written. 👈

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👉 You can do Better than you ever Thought Possible when you Stop Looking at others Progress and be your Own Competition. 👈

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👉 Darkness is Not the Problem, The Problem is the Lack of Lighting a Lamp to our Efforts. 👈

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👉 One 👆 Day i Really want to Say – I MADE IT. 👈

most inspiring quotes

👉 Often the same People Raise Fingers at us, Whose Status does not Touch us. 👈