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Inspirational Quotes


'' The Person who Never make a Mistake that he had Never Tried Something New. ''

'' Failure is always Temporary, Only giving up makes it Permanent. ''

'' If so Afraid of Losing , Do not ever take the Desire to Win. ''

'' Regretting for Wasted time is more Waste of Time. ''

'' When Life Tells you a Hundred Reasons to be Sad, To tell the Life that you have a Thousand Reasons to be Happy. ''

'' I am not Failed, My Success is Postponed. ''

'' Which are Freshly walk Alone, Behind them a Day are Fleet. ''

'' Work hard in Silence & let the Success make Noise. ''

'' Many People are Surprised to see me on the Heights, Did not see the Blisters on my Feet. ''

'' The story is Written in Smaller Characters, Our History will be Written. ''

'' You can do Better than you ever thought Possible when you stop looking at others Progress and be your own Competition. ''

'' Darkness is not the Problem, The Problem is the Lack of Lighting a lamp to our Efforts. ''

'' One day i really want to say - I MADE IT. ''

'' Often the same People Raise Fingers at us, Whose Status does not Touch us. ''

'' Do it today or regret TOMORROW. ''


All of us need the motivation to live our lives in a better way. Motivation encourages us to do good things and lives our lives positively. All of us, sometimes in our life, go through such moments that we become hopeless or starts having negative thoughts about our lives; consequently, we make our worse.

Thus, inspirational thoughts are very useful for living our lives happily. When we use Positive quotes as WhatsApp status in Hindi, we inspire not only ourselves but others as well. ‘WhatsApp Status’ is a wonderful place where you find a variety of short quotes that keep you inspiring every day.

About Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are popularly used as WhatsApp status in Hindi. Whenever we read such Inspiring quotes, we feel reenergized. This is the real power of such quotes that keeps us giving the power to face problems firmly. ‘WhatsApp Status’ is the name of the website that provides some good quotes that keep motivating all of us.

Uses of Positive Quotes

Inspiration is very necessary for the life of everybody because it is only hoped that keeps us moving forward in all kinds of situations. Hopeless people in spite of being alive are a kind of dead people. They have no expectations from their lives. These Motivational Quotes put new life among those who are disheartened.

Different Types of Inspiring Quotes

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Thus, it is one such a place where you can have a lot of material for WhatsApp status. Moreover, the website also has heart touching stories and WhatsApp DP. So, through visiting this website, you can have very inspiring quotes for your WhatsApp status.

It has so many quotes and Shayari that you can change WhatsApp status daily with positive thought and inspire people to lead wonderful lives. This website is updated every day so you can find new quotes every day. The website is full of different kinds of motivational quotes that everyone will find one quote related to their situation, and they will feel motivated.

We are working hard to make this website better, but it is very important us to know your views and suggestions about this website so that we can make one such website that you like to visit most.

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