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Life Quotes


'' Happiness is not a Goal, But a Way of Life. ''

'' Man takes Two Years, But in Learning to Speak, What to say, it is lost in Learning the Whole Life. ''

'' These are very Clever in our Life, Daily new Tomorrow, by Age Snatches Lives. ''

'' The World is Small, We Passenger, Will meet again Somewhere. ''

'' A Salute to the life of your Spirit, Death is the Destination that you are Still Running. ''


Life is a precious gift of God given to all of us. We must take care of it; whatever be the condition. There have been some great people, thinkers, philosophers, and speakers who have given us precious lessons to make our lives better, and stay happy and contended. Life quotes are words of those people who keep making efforts throughout their life to make our peaceful.

Whatsapp Status is a website which has collected different kinds of quotes for making your life better and using them as WhatsApp status in Hindi so that other can also be benefited with the wonderful lessons about life in the form of quotes.

About ‘Quotes about Life’

Quotes on life tell us about the bitter truth of the life. These quotes are so strong that they tell us big lessons of life at ease. As these best quotes about life are usually short in size, so it is also very easy to memorize them. Thus, with the help of these small looking quotes, you can understand and remember big lessons of life effortlessly.

Uses of Good Quotes on Life

No doubt, life quotes are very important for our lives as they are very useful for understanding the complicated subject – life. Using these Good quotes on life as WhatsApp status in Hindi is a good thing because it shows the right path to not only you but also others who are connected to you on WhatsApp. This is an effective way that spreads good thoughts about the life all-around.

Different Types of Life Quotes

However, there are some online sources that have some different kinds of quotes on life. But, WhatsApp Status is a dedicated source for best life quotes. It is a website that is updated daily so whenever you go to this website you find new and special quotes that you can post on WhatsApp as WhatsApp status in Hindi.

Moreover, you can also find many quotes other than the life quotes. You can find love and inspirational quotes to make them your WhatsApp status. Writing a good Quote about life in your WhatsApp Status also increases your knowledge about the life. As you keep reading such quotes so, you keep observing them.

We, however, work wholeheartedly to make this website better than before every day. But, we also need your valuable suggestions so that we can make it best for you.

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