lovely sms in english

Without you, I am Nothing . 😏

With you , I am Something . 😘

Together we are Everything . 💑

sad love messages in hindi

👉 प्यार अगर सच्चा हो तो कभी नहीं बदलता , 😚
ना वक्त के साथ ना हालात के साथ 👍 ..!! 👈

falling in love sms

👉 Falling in Love is Easy.. But Staying in Love 💑 is Very Special… 👈

love sad sms in hindi

” वो अक्सर मुझ से पूछा करती थी ,

तुम मुझे कभी छोड़ कर तो नहीं जाओगे ,
आज सोचता हूँ कि काश मैंने भी कभी पूछ लिया होता..!! 😏

happy sms in english

👉‪ Your Smile is a Key , To My Unlock Happiness. 😊 👈

love sms in hindi

👉 मेरी बस इतनी सी ख्वाहिश है , 😏
तेरी कोई ख्वाहिश अधूरी ना रहे 💑 ।। 👈

love sms in english

👉 Love Me ❤ or Hate Me 💔 , Both i like Because if u Hate Me then i will Stay in your Mind & if u Love Me then i will Stay Always in Your Heart. 💘 👈

sad sms in hindi

👉 कहते हैं दिल 💞 से ज्यादा महफूज जगह नहीं दूनिया में और कोई ;
फिर भी ना जाने क्यों सबसे ज्यादा यहीं से लोग लापता होते हैं।। 😏 👈

birthday knock knock jokes

⇒ The Birthday Knock Knock ⇐


Knock, Knock.
Who’s There.?
Abby who.?
Abby birthday to you.!

Quick, Find someone with a Birthday Today! This one is time Sensitive but has the Potential to be used Every day! Go make some new Friends with Upcoming Birthdays.!

knock knock jokes for love

Knock, Knock.
Who’s There.?
I Love.
I Love Who.?
I don’t Know, You Tell Me.!

new gangster knock knock jokes

⇒ The Gangster’s Knock Knock ⇐


Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Howie who?
Howie Gonna hide this dead Body?

Not one for the Kids. Not one for the Spouse. Not work Appropriate. We’re not sure where, when, or how you’ll use this one but it’s a Classic so we had to Share.

short knock knock jokes

Knock, Knock.
Who’s There.?
Police who.?
Police stop Telling these Awful Knock, Knock Jokes..!

very funny whatsapp joke in hindi

” शादी से पहले ” भगवान ” से माँगा था,
” अच्छी ” पकाने ” वाली देना ..!! ”
जल्दबाजी में ” खाना ” बोलना ही भूल गया ..! ” 😛 😛

whatsapp joke in english

Cop : ” Did you Kill this Man? ”
Me : ” No, a Bullet killed him. Bullets are made of lead, which comes from the Ground.
The Ground is part of Nature. He died of Natural causes. Case Closed. “

jokes in hindi latest funny

કોર્ટ માં છુટાછેડા નો કેસ ચાલતો હતો..
પ્રશ્ન એ હતો કે બાળક નો કબ્જો કોને સોંપવો…
પત્ની એ દલીલ કરી કે મેં ખુબ દર્દ વેઠી ને આ બાળક ને જન્મ આપી આ દુનિયા માં લાવી છુ, એટલે મારુ કહેવાય..
જજે પતિ સામે જોયું..

પતિ એ કહ્યું : ATM માંથી પૈસા કાઢો તો પૈસા મશીન ના કહેવાય કે કાર્ડ નાખનાર નાં..??? 😛 😛

જજ ICU માં છે…

best jokes in english language

Mother, ” How was School today, Patrick? ”

Patrick, ” It was Really Great mum! Today we Made Explosives! ”

Mother, ” Ooh, they do very Fancy Stuff with you these Days. And what will you do at School Tomorrow? ”

Patrick, ” What School? “

very funny jokes in hindi language

ઘુઘો સોફટવેર કંપનીમા ઈન્ટરવ્યુ દેવા ગ્યો
ઈન્ટરવ્યુ લેવા વાળો : JAVA ના કોઈ પણ ચાર Version બતાવો ?
ઘુઘો : 1 – મર JAVA
2 – મિટ JAVA
3 – મૈ સદકે JAVA
અને 4 – લુટ JAVA
ઈન્ટરવ્યુ લેવા વાળો શાબાસ
અબ તુમ ઘર JAVA

new hindi jokes

कुछ अमीरों की चर्चा…

किसी ने कहा मेरा बाथरुम 10 लाख का तो किसी ने 20 लाख को किसी ने 50 लाख का बताया
और जब यही बात अपने एडमिन से पूछी गई तो उसने बताया की मै जहा सुबह लोटा लेके जाता हूँ उस खेत की कीमत 7 करोड़ है ,,
और ऐसे बाथरुम तो हम रोज़ बदल देते है. 😛 😛

funny jokes on love and friendship

Love Is Possible After Friendship
⇒ But ⇐
Friendship Is Not Possible After Love
⇒ Because ⇐
Medicines Work Before Death
Later Nothing Can Be Cured….!!

best funny jokes in english

Who said English is Easy ???

Fill in the Blanks with YES or NO.

1.______I don’t have Brain…
2.______I don’t have Sense…
3.______I am Stupid…

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