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'' I Will Win, Not Immediately But Definitely. ''

'' Everybody wants to Shine, But no one wants to Polish. ''

'' Learn to take Pleasure in Life, It takes time, you will be having Fun. ''

'' Knowledge is like Underwear, it is useful to have it but don't show it off. ''

'' Work Hard in Silence & Let the Success Make Noise. ''

'' Pray is not Empty, People just do not Wait. ''

'' Sometimes you make Choices in Life and sometimes Choices make You. ''

'' The Eyes are Useless when the Mind is Blind. ''

'' Change the way you want to Achieve something in the Life, not Intentions. ''

'' Do not change the way, Make way. ''

'' Don’t look for someone who will Solve all your Problems. Look for someone who won’t let you Face them Alone. ''

'' I'm not always Right, but I'm never Wrong! ''


Whenever we see the WhatsApp status in Hindi, it attracts all of us, especially if it is something special. Everyone wishes to write such messages in their WhatsApp Status in Hindi that attracts to everyone. But, writing something attention grabbing is not an easy task for everyone.

Whatsapp Status’ is one such a place where you can find some Best quotes that will win hearts of your friends.

What are Quotes?

Quotes are so powerful that they can make us happy and sad; they also inspire us to do something good or ponder over many things. So, these short messages influence everyone whoever read them. A good Quote in spite of being short in length conveys a very powerful message that compels people to at least once ponder over it.

There have been some great writers, authors, speakers, thinkers, and philosophers whose messages hidden in Short quotes are immortal, and these messages are often used to express one’s opinion and views effectively by people.

Why Quotes Are Used?

People use Famous quotes to say something effectively. As these quotes are short in sizes, so people remember them easily and use them frequently while speaking or writing on something. Good quotes are the easiest way to express your feeling in limited words; that’s why people use quotes as WhatsApp status in Hindi.

Different Sorts of Good Quotes

You may find some quotes in deferent categories. Whether you want to show your sad mood, or happy, or funny, or any other, you may find one best quote to express it. ‘Whatsapp Status’ is one such useful destination for you that offers you some quotes, Shayari, SMS, and jokes that are strong enough to show-off your feelings well.

You may find here Cute Quotes, SMS, Shayari, and jokes for representing following Whatsapp status:

  • Love Status
  • Attitude Status
  • Sad Status
  • English Status
  • Gujarati Status

Moreover, for expressing your sad feeling, you may find some Sad Quotes, Shayari, and SMS as well. If you want to make your friends laugh, you can also find some funny jokes here at ‘Whatsapp Status.’ Besides, quotes, SMS, jokes, and share, you can also find Whatsapp DP and heart touch stories. Thus, you will find almost everything that you need for your Whatsapp.

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