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'' Every Love Story is Beautiful But Ours is My Favourite. ''

'' Love is a Policy , Without Terms and Conditions. ''

There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you . . '' I Love You '' . .

'' Without you, I am nothing . With you , I am something . Together we are Everything . ''

'' Falling in Love is easy . . But staying in Love is very special . ''

'' Your Smile is a Key , to my Unlock Happiness . ''

'' Love me or hate me , both i like because if u hate me then i will stay in your mind & if u love me then i will stay always in your heart ''


लोग पूछते हैं कौन सी दुनिया में जीते हो ,
हमने भी कह दिया मोहब्बत में दुनिया कहाँ नजर आती है ।

तू नाराज न रहा कर तुझे वास्ता है खुदा का ,
एक तेरा ही चेहरा खुश देख कर तो हम अपना गम भुलाते हैं ।

पहली मुलाकात थी , हम दोनों ही थे बेबस ;
वो जुल्फें न संभाल पाए और हम खुद को ।

प्यार अगर सच्चा हो तो कभी नहीं बदलता ,
ना वक्त के साथ ना हालात के साथ ।

घायल कर के मुझे उसने पूछा , करोगे क्या फिर मोहब्बत मुझसे ;
लहू-लहू था दिल मगर होंठों ने कहा बेइंतहा-बेइंतहा ।

मेरी बस इतनी सी ख्वाहिश है ,
तेरी कोई ख्वाहिश अधूरी ना रहे ।

हुस्न वालों को क्या जरूरत है संवरने की ,
वो तो सादगी में भी क़यामत की अदा रखते हैं ।

वो अक्सर मुझ से पूछा करती थी , तुम मुझे कभी छोड़ कर तो नहीं जाओगे ,
आज सोचता हूँ कि काश मैंने भी कभी पूछ लिया होता ।

कहते हैं दिल से ज्यादा महफूज जगह नहीं दूनिया में और कोई ;
फिर भी ना जाने क्यों सबसे ज्यादा यहीं से लोग लापता होते हैं ।

😀 😁 😂 😅 😇 😉 😋 😍 😘 😜 😝 🤑 😎 😏 🤔 😡 😱 😨 😰 😥

👏 👍 👎 👊 ✌ 👌 ✍ 💪 🙏 👉 👈 👄 👁

👦 👩 👰 🚶 🏃 💃 👫 👬 🙇 💑 👪 👔 💋 🎩 👑 💼 🕶

❤ 💔 💞 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟 ✅ 💯

📱 💻 💵 💰 💎 🚬 🔫

⭐ 💥 🌍 🌟 ✨


Short Message Service popularly known as SMS became a very power tool of communication at the end of 2010. At that time, there were around 3.5 million active users of this service, which were equal to 80% of all mobile phone owners according to the Wikipedia. People chat with each other and send greetings as well.

Even now, when social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook have become the favorite tools of connecting with friends and relatives, SMS is yet popular and used by users for many reasons. Different types of SMS are used as WhatsApp status in Hindi and other languages.

About the Love SMS Along with Others

SMS are artistically written short messages that are used on different social media platforms for different purposes by the people. SMS is also a very useful tool to entertain people. It is also capable of expressing one’s feelings and emotions powerfully; you can wish birthday through Birthday SMS easily. So it is very useful tools.

As SMS are short messages written artistically, so people also use them as WhatsApp status in Hindi.

Uses of Hindi SMS & Others

As SMS is a very effective way through which people can express their feeling powerfully, so SMS are used for some purposes. Some of them are given below:

  • Friendship SMS for expressing feeling for the friends
  • Love Quotes & SMS for expressing love feeling
  • Funny SMS for making someone special happy
  • Birthday SMS for wishing Birthday
  • Romantic SMS for pleasing someone special

Thus, you can find some SMS for almost all occasions; that is why they are also used for WhatsApp status in Hindi.

Different Types of SMS

You can find a variety of SMS that can be used on different occasions. Whether you want to wish birthday, wedding anniversary, festivals or express your feelings or emotions, you can find some amazingly written SMS that can make people more than happy. If you want to bring a smile on the face of someone, you can send him a Funny Quotes & SMS. Thus, you can use SMS on almost all occasions.

Whatsapp Status is an amazing website where you find wonderfully written SMS for almost all occasions. Moreover, you can also find other useful materials that you can use for WhatsApp and Facebook.

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